For many years I have produced a steady stream of ideas that only people close to me end up hearing. Since I am working fulltime at E2E Networks ( my idea/thesis from the first decade of 2000s ) I end up not pursuing these new ideas or thesis. Many a times I do see someone somewhere in the world generating plenty of value from almost similar idea. This is not because the idea travelled in the ether from I to them but because when the time for an idea comes it is germinated in the minds of many. 

Talking to a friend who helps a lot of entpreneurs he mentioned how a lot of investors especially institutional produce their investment thesis about specific problems that need to be solved in their opinion. Now I don't intend to make quantitatively enabled thesis on this soapbox but broadly etch out rough ideas/thesis that someone somewhere might find useful to maybe spend a few years of their life on.

Ideas can be in the category of potential inventions, Engineering solutions ( better mouse trap types ), simple user experience problems or perhaps event investable ideas ( not necessarily VC investable ). 

I am happy to give feedback to anyone who feels their own ideas/thesis are closer to mine.